Friday Fiction: Sisters

“So you’re saying that you don’t want a baby?” Carrie’s glass of wine was empty so she leaned across the table to grab the last of the bottle.

“No, I’m just saying that if I didn’t have four already then I’d have another one.”

Scarlet had always been the traditional one of the two, even as kids when they played dress up Scarlet always insisted on playing the mother or the teacher and Carrie had to be the kid who didn’t know any better.  As life progressed the two sisters stayed pretty close, even moving within half an hour walk from each other.  Carrie had her mother’s genes, carefree and tousled blonde locks and an athletic figure.  She was a freelance journalist, single, with two cats, living in the city.  Scarlet took after their father, dark curly hair and an opinionated mouth.  She had got married soon after leaving University, becoming a full time housewife looking after her husband and currently four children in a sleepy suburb of the city.

“What does Rick say?” Carrie knew what the answer would be but thought it’d amuse her to ask.

“Oh he’s indifferent, you know Rick.” Scarlet cooed, taking another sip of her wine and picking up the phone on the table. “Anyway enough about me, how’s that dirty bit of stuff you had on your arm last week sis?”

Carrie almost choked on her wine, “Who on earth do you mean?”

“I spotted you when I was out with Sarah last week, you were looking rather cosy with a guy in a baseball cap.” Scarlet grinned as she tapped away at the phone.

“Oh just some guy I met online, no one special, you know.” Carrie’s face flushed to match her sister’s namesake. She could feel the nausea building and reached inside her bag for her phone. “Have you spoken to Sarah about next week’s party by the way?”

“Where online? One of those sordid dating sites?” she probed.

“Match thingy. So did you ask her? I thought we could book a table at…”

Her words trailed off as she saw the look of horror on her sister’s face. The colour had drained from her usually rosy cheeks and her eyes were beginning to well up. There was nothing she could do now other than wait.

“Scarlet, give me my phone back.” She said calmly, hoping that her paranoia was for nothing.

Scarlet just sat there, her hand shaking as her finger scrolled down the phone.

“Scarlet, I think it’s a good idea to give me my phone now.” She begged, reaching forward and placing her wine glass on the table.

Scarlet finally looked up. “I cannot believe that you actually have naked pictures on your phone sis, it’s disgusting, I mean I just, what on earth have you been doing?”

Carrie’s relief was almost instant, but the adrenaline was still pumping as she snatched her phone back from her sister’s hand.

“Oh sis, I’ve always been the dirty one, it’s your job to keep me straight.” Her tone nervous but managing to deceive Scarlet.

“Ha, you sound like Rick!” Scarlet laughed, missing the brief look of despair on her sister’s face.

Carrie looked at the screen of her phone, clicked back through to her messages, clicked on ‘Rick’ and pressed delete.




I have a cold… I know poor me I hope you all have the violins of sympathy out. So I write this with a nose like a unseasonable Rudolph only capable of smelling one thing, the inside of my own nostrils. You know the deal no doubt, as you too will have joined the snot brigade.

Where it gets fun however is when you pair this with disability, for disability makes everything fun don’t you know. For your average Joe or Josephine a cold means going armed with tissues and lemsip to work if you don’t feel too bad. If you walk with crutches however the daily commute becomes an issue. Most people for example don’t have to choose between catching a sneeze and falling over. Being on the ground having your fall broken by a snotty face is no fun so, most of the time the sneeze loses out…

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Friday Fiction: Toys

“So what you’re saying is, I’m broke?” Jake asked plainly as he sipped on his whiskey sour.

“No, I’m saying you need to do something before we are broke.”his wife snapped back, turning quickly on her heels and stomping off into the kitchen.

Jake and Ashley had been struggling ever since the baby arrived.  Typically Ashley decided that quitting her job to become a full time mother was a great idea and yet the last 18 months had eaten a massive hole into their savings already.

“I mean I can always take that job I was on about.”  Ashley shouted from the kitchen as she poured herself a glass of milk and grabbed a packet of roasted nuts.  “It does pay really well and I can do my own hours.”

“And when our daughter grows up she’ll find out her mother worked part time selling plastic boxes, great.”  he sniggered, taking a larger sip.

Ashley ignored him and sat down on the large couch in the living room.  Jake studied her for a moment.

“You have odd looking knees?  What have you done to them?”  he questioned.

“They don’t want me for my knees Jake.” she quipped back, taking a gulp of the milk.  “They’re just a little bruised is all, nothing to worry about.”

“No they want you for your ‘tache” Jake laughed as he watched his wife wipe the milk away from her mouth.

“We could trial it. Say give it 3 months and if I don’t bring any cash then we drop it?” Ashley turned to face him, her eyes focused on his face.

“I don’t know about it darling, it’s not as if we’re going to be bankrupt or anything, just maybe we have to just make some cut backs.”  his eyes focused on hers, as he took another sip.

“I’ve already had to cut back, it’s not the everyday stuff that’s affecting our cashflow, it’s all the toys.”  she smiled, hoping to grab his attention.

“But most of them have come from your parents.” Jake replied holding up a now off white stuffed rabbit before throwing it into the wicker basket to join the rest.  “I mean what kid needs all of those damn things anyway?”

“I’m not on about those toys darling.” his wife stated calmly, the smile widening.

Jake put his whiskey sour down onto the floor by his feet and signaled for her to come to him. Still focusing on him, she obeyed by placing the glass of milk and nuts on the coffee table and dropped to her knees.

“Here.” he demanded, as he watched her immediately quieten and go onto all fours.

She slowly meandered her way across the floor, her eyes still focused on his, the strap of her bra slipping slightly off one shoulder. Her long black bushy tail swishing slowly behind her.

Sitting at his feet he reached down and stroked her hair.  “Good girl.”

“Yes, Sir.” she smiled, the bell on her collar jingling as he playfully ruffled her soft red hair.


If you like this, you might like the rather dashing SudoOne who inspired me to start writing fiction again.

Friday Fiction: Easter Bunny


It was 8 o’clock according to his watch.  The rain had just started to patter against the bay window in their bedroom as he sat at the end of the bed.  He watched as she pulled the black stocking up her leg, easing the silk band between the clips of her lace suspender belt.  The crease of her smile was subtle, as she stood up from her dressing table.  Slipping her feet into the black stilettos, he continued to observe as she reached into the large box by the dresser.

“So have you decided on the black or the white darling?” she asked, holding up two pairs of bunny ears.

“I like the white.” he grinned, his eyes attempting to pull her towards him.  “I always liked the classic bunny girl.”

“Ha!” she laughed, winking, ignoring the look, she turned away and walked over to the full length mirror.

Tease, he thought, as he continued to stare, leaning back on the bed.  He watched as she adjusted her black corset, pulling on the silk ropes to make it a little tighter, her curves so exaggerated.  He let his eyes wander down.  The white cotton bunny tail was appropriately placed to accent her already full ass, made seemingly fuller by the black frilled silk pants she was wearing.  Her costume, complete with white collar and cuffs was made all the better now she wore the ears.

“You’re so beautiful, my love.” he announced, watching her play with the ears.

She turned to face him, blowing him a kiss, as several strands of her red hair fell delicately onto her neck. He smiled again, adjusting his own costume, he stood up and briefly glanced at his reflection in the mirror.

“I’ll make the call.” he stated calmly, acknowledged by her nod.

Walking to the other side of the bed, he carefully sat down, picking up the handset of the phone and began dialing.

“Hello, it’s me.” he said plainly.  “Is it done?”

There was a brief pause as he replaced the handset and turned to his wife.  She was standing by the dressing table now, holding a bottle of champagne and a glass.  A beautiful buxom bunny girl.  She looked so elegant he thought to himself.

He stood up from the bed and walked over to her.  Embracing, their lips met and for a brief moment they both closed their eyes.

“Goodnight my love.” he gently whispered to her, looking straight into those green eyes of hers. “And thank you, for everything.”

He could feel his body tense briefly as he let go and turned away towards the bed.

“Very well darling, goodnight.” she quietly replied, as she took her place at her dressing table and took a sip of her champagne.


The sound of the shot ricocheted, followed by the muffled sound of the 9mm dropping to the carpet.  There was a loud knock on the door, but it was too late. As the door swung open, it was all over, the bunny girl slumped at the dressing table and a gorilla lying in a pool of blood on the bed.

Friday Fiction: Colours

She closed the door behind her and walked towards her car, her red stilettos clicking on the concrete path.  As she reached into her black leather bag, she felt for her keys and pulled them out slowly as she reached the car door.  Polly owned a bright yellow Lamborghini, something she felt proud to own and drive, but there was always a slight nervousness that people would think of her as something she was not.

Today was like any other day, sun shining and people milling about with their own business, but not for Polly.  As she put the key into the ignition and began to drive she could feel the anxiety build up and so put on the media deck.  The soft sound of Nina Simone surrounded her instantly like a cloak and she could feel herself sinking more comfortably into the seat.  She looked at the line of traffic ahead and decided to take a left today instead of her usual route.  As she turned, she could see that the lights up ahead were red, but her foot stayed firm.  They’d change, she thought.

Polly blinked and took her foot of the gas a little.  Her mouth puckered as she felt a shooting pain across her forehead, but she drove ahead, pulling up to the lights.  She waited, watching the rest of the traffic move across her horizon and reached into her bag for some gum.

Polly blinked again with the next shot of pain, biting down hard on the gum in her mouth.  This was getting silly.  She put her car into gear and drove forward, apparently ignoring the glances she was getting from the sidewalk.  She was used to the attention the car gave, but the headache was more disturbing.

“Hey Siri, call Simon Franklin.”  Polly shouted over the music, and her phone dialed the number.

Beep beep….beep beep

“Oh hey doll.  What can I do for ya?”

“Simon, hey, yes it’s Polly, um I’m heading to um are you in?”  she asked, wincing as the pain got worse.

“Yeah come on over, I have nothing until 11.” he replied, “Want anything in particular or the usual doll?”

“Just the usual Simon, thanks.  That’s great.”

Her phone clicked as she made a left turn.  She was punishing herself already for her vulnerable tone, but she knew she’d be able to cover that when she go there.  Making another left turn she indicated to overtake the blue Chevrolet parked outside Starbucks, but she’d not seem the black SUV in time as she made her maneuver.

“Fuck!” she screamed as she swerved across into the opposing lane.  It wasn’t until a few moments later that she’d realised she’d blacked out.  Everything was dark.

“Miss can you hear me at all?”  a familiar voice asked.

Polly moved her eyelids a little, but as she opened them all she could see was a rainbow of light spattering across her eyes.  Why couldn’t she move anything?

“That’s ok Miss, we just need you to stay where you are. ” the voice continued.

Polly closed her eyelids as she began to feel the sudden shooting pain again behind her eyes.  She tried to move again.  She stayed there in silence, unable to talk or even sense anything.  It was like someone had turned off the big switch in her brain. the one she’d be dying to switch herself this past year.

“It’s gonna be fine Miss, you just need to stay still right there.”

Polly nodded, realising the stupidity of the whole thing, because even if she wanted to, she couldn’t.  The only thing she could move were her eyes.

Simon racked up another line of ketamine.

Mysterious tunnel to the light

Another fiction piece as part of the friday fiction challenges set by the awesome and rather dashing Sudo One.  Check out his blog!

Friday Fiction: 5 years on

So SudoOne has a Friday Fiction challenge, and this week he’s challenged me to write just dialogue.  Won’t lie it was scary to begin with but then got a bit easier once I got into it, but hey I’ll see what you think!

“Did she make it?”

“No, she didn’t”


“We knew this’d happen, I mean how many times did I tell her not to go out on her own?”

“Like that would stop her.”

“Sounds like someone else I know.”


“She might still make it back by tomorrow’s opening”

“Yeah, and miss the eclipse? I don’t think so.”

“Look, come and sit down”


“At least it looks tasty.”

“It’s beans. Tasty is the last thing I’d use to describe it.”

“Well better than a kick in the teeth.”

“Did you speak to Tommy?”

“Yes, he said we start Friday”


“And Ellie, we stuck by his rules.”

“Which means Joel that we have to wear those horrific orange jumpsuits.”

“I kinda like em.”

“You would.”

“Eat Ellie.”

“I don’t see why we can’t just work in our own gear. I mean what’s wrong with this?”

“Now come on you know you’ll get that stuff all over you.”

“Oh for fucks sake”



“Oh hey there Tommy”

“Joel. Hey there Ellie.”


“She didn’t make the close Tommy.”

“Yeah Brian mentioned it just now, thought I’d check in on you guys see how you were.”

“Or maybe to rub it in.”

“Ellie come on now.”

“No, it’s ok Joel, understandable she’s pissed off.”

“Understandable? Well maybe if we weren’t kept locked up in this shithole then she wouldn’t have left!”

“Hey I’m not the one taking risks that affects the rest of this crew, I’ve gotta look out for them you know?”

“Oh yeah, looked after them really great huh.”


“Look, Joel warned me and we took precautions and even kept the gate open an extra hour. It’s no one’s fault but Jesse’s.”

“Like fuck it is.”

“Hey enough already.”

“No, fuck you Joel, fuck you and your brother!”

“Well that was…”

“Don’t sweat about it, she’ll come around.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’d know all about that hey brother.”

“Yep, I sure do.”

“Do you think it was a good idea to keep her up here with us?”

“What and let her loose roaming around while the rest of those assholes are out there Tommy? No,  this was the best chance we had.”

“Well I’m glad at least, I just wish she’d keep her tongue in line sometimes.”

“Don’t we all Tommy…”

“Maybe Jesse wouldn’t have gone if…”

“Don’t say that, that’s not on Ellie.”

“Well I ain’t saying it was but you know they were thick as thieves.”

“Yeah, not unlike us when we were young.”

“Hmmmm I suppose.”

“She’s just lonely.”

“How’d you mean, we keep everyone busy around here enough right?”

“No, I mean she’s almost twenty now. She’s probably, you know.”

“Ah…well there’s always Greg.”

“Hahaha ok Tommy, you never were any good with the match making now were ya?”


“Talking of which did you and Grace get to talking the other night?”

“Ah no, I was too busy trying to stay awake, I was on wall duty most of last night.”

“Ah shit, yeah I’m sorry ‘bout that Joel.”

“You will be.”

“Look, just do me a favour and keep her on a tight leash these next few days.”

“I’ll try, no promises.”

“Thanks Joel.”

“See you later Tommy.”

“That asshole gone?”

“Now come on Ellie, my brother has tried hard to keep it comfortable around here.”

“Yeah yeah..”

“Look, we’ll head out first light ok, and I’ll make sure we take the horses.”

“Thanks Joel.”

“No problem.”


“Yes Ellie?”

“You know when I asked. I mean after we left the hospital.”


“You know I knew right?”

“I hoped you didn’t, but yeah, I know you know now. I just didn’t wanna to talk about it with you in case….”

“It’s ok Joel. I was pissed at you to begin with, but then after it all…Well, I just couldn’t be angry anymore.”

“You sure ain’t kidding me.”

“Hey I meant angry about you lying. Your asshole brother is a whole different story.”

“Enough already.”

“Ok, ok.”

“So we’re good then, you and me?”

“Yeah I suppose we are Joel.”

“Good. Now finish these tasty beans.”



This week’s post was dedicated to my game of 2014/15 The Last of Us.  Thanks Naughty Dog for inspiring this piece.